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"Let the little children come to me . . ."
Mark 10:14
Resources for Christian Teachers


Write the names of Bible characters studied within a unit or quarter on index cards, printing one name on each card. Place all cards in a recipe box. When time permits, divide class into two teams. Select a student from the first team to draw a card. He or she may then give his/her teammates up to five clues to help them guess the person. For instance, if the person on the card were Daniel, the student might tell teammates, "He was taken to Babylon as a captive. He was thrown into a den of lions because he wouldn't stop praying to God. God didn't let the lions hurt him," etc. If any member of the team guesses the correct answer before the fifth clue, the team receives two points. If the team guesses immediately after the fifth clue, it receives one point. If the team does not guess the correct answer after the fifth clue, the opposing team may try to answer for one point. If neither team guesses the correct response, no points are given. 

Resources for Christian Teachers
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