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"Let the little children come to me . . ."
Mark 10:14
Resources for Christian Teachers

Yes, No, Maybe So

To review a lesson, make up a set of cards that bear objects in the story. For younger children, sketch or paste a picture of one person or object on each card. For older children, you may simply write the name of each object on a separate card.

If you'd just taught the story of David and Goliath, for instance, you might make the following cards: father, brothers, cheese, tent, bread, giant, king, lion, bear, sword, stones, sling, spear, shield, helmet, armor, etc.

Select one child to draw a card. Make sure the child recognizes the object represented by the card. Remaining children must ask yes/no/maybe so questions to try to guess the object. In the story of David and Goliath, for example, children might ask the following questions while trying to guess the word "tent":  

  • Is it a person? (No)
  • Is it an object? (Yes)
  • Did David use it? (Maybe)
  • Did David use it to kill Goliath? (No)
  • Did Goliath use it? (Maybe)
  • Is it a weapon? (No)
  • Is it a piece of armor? (No)

When a student correctly guesses who the student is, he or she draws the next card.

Suggestion: Write the related story in the upper-right hand corner of each card, then file all cards from a unit or a quarter in a recipe box. When time permits, let students draw cards from the box. Tell the class which lesson the person or object was in, then play as usual. This fun review encourages students to remember details of various lessons they might otherwise forget.

Resources for Christian Teachers
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